Friday, 28 May 2010

eLearningAfrica/Zambia May 25th-28th 2010

elearningAfrica . Hello from Zambia.Great sessions including curreculum, designing e-courses with LMS,ICT in Language Learning,Mobile Learning,Web 2.o,all of all in a ry to best implementing these 21 Century skills in an African setting.Lots of photos to follow

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Time for Change

The British Council,in association with the University of Khartoum,and the Association of Sudanese Teachers of English(ASTEL)organised a Three day conference(1-3 March 2010).under the title of Time for Change/Developing English Language Teaching at Tertiary Level in Sudan.

The conference examined the current provision of English language teaching at Sudanese universities and discussed ways in which this can be improved by drawing upon ideas from both Sudanese and international speakers.

Themes of the conference included:
-Curriculum Development
-Use of New Technologies
-Involving the Private Sector
-Teacher Development

Friday, 5 March 2010


TESOL Sudan arranged for a ONEday seminaron Feb 20.2010,leading to the 1st TESOL SUDAN CONFERENCE2010.The theme of the seminar was Proplems,Challenges,and Trends in the Teaching of English as a Second language(ESL),English as aForiegn Language(EFL),and English forEspecific Purposes(ESP).the seminar featured local&international scholars and practitioners of Linguistics,ESL,EFL,and ESP.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Learning Styles Dilemma

I have dwelled on an amazing and worth-reading article by Heather Gawron"The bunk of Debunking Learning Styles"in edweek.Heather started her article with a significant question"What if research debunks your own findings as a classroom teacher?Do you cease to use the strategies that you've come to know and trust?"

Web tool for creating educational games,activities is a wonderful tool for creating games,activities and diagrams in a flash.It's free and no registration is required.Here is a sample game I created using one of the many wonderful templates.

Sunday, 31 January 2010

Web tool for sharing files

I've spotted and tried Fantastic tool for sharing files,documents,photos and videos.Free(100MB),with more features if you upgrade to a Manager.

Animating Photos

Animoto is a great web tool for animating your photos.A tool wich stitches your photos ,using cool effects,then adds music.It's free (sign for a teacher account)&easy to use.I hope you enjoy it.Here is a quick demo